Buying Process

First you must choose a Sales Representative to act on your behalf. The Sales Representative, by law, will advise you of the different representations open to you. Once the different types of relationships between you and the Sales Representative have been explained to you, decide which type of representation is best for your needs. Most people meet their sales representative from a personal recommendation or from calling about an ad or sign they have seen on a property. After you have made initial contact with a sales representative, make an appointment to meet him or her in person. Use this meeting to find out what services the sales representative can provide, and to establish in your own mind that the sales representative has listened to your needs and can achieve your goals. The most important result of the meeting should be that you feel comfortable working with the sales representative, and that this is the person who can guide you through the next step to home ownership.

Be careful of a Sales Representative that does not fully explain, in written, the different agency relationships available to you.

  • Choose a lawyer who will act for you to close the transaction and can independently advise you at any step in the buying process.
  • With your Sales Representative, conduct a detailed analysis to determine the price range, features, location, amenities, and personal preferences you want in your new home.
  • Let your Sales Representative assist you in pre-qualifying for a mortgage. A mortgage is a serious commitment, get assistance from some one, like a mortgage broker, who has your interests at heart, not the banks.
  • Proximity to schools and shopping, the maturity of the area, and the size and type of home are the key ingredients of determining the right location for you. When viewing homes, you should take notes, ask lots of questions, and find out about comparable sales in the area. Some preliminary viewing will help you to confirm that your home profile list is being met, or if you will be required to review and update the profile to meet your changing needs.
  • Go through a pre-selection process for desired homes and arrange for showings.
  • View properties and provide feedback to sales representative.
  • Once you have selected a home, your Sales Representative will prepare the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, fully explaining and advising you on the terms and conditions.
  • Through your sales representative, you will engage in the process of negotiations the price, terms, and conditions of your offer with the Seller.
  • Upon a successful negotiating process, acknowledged copies of the Agreement between you and the Seller are sent to your lawyer, the real estate companies involved, and the mortgagor
  • If your offer contains conditional terms (and they usually do) such as final mortgage approval, home inspections, status certificates, surveys, etc. your agent and your lawyer will work with you to satisfy these conditions. If a condition is in favour of the Seller, your Sales Representative will work with the Seller’s representative to help fulfill the condition(s) and provide you with document(s) that waives the condition(s). If the condition favours you the Buyer, then your Sales Representative will guide you through the process of satisfying your responsibilities.
  • Once all conditions of the Agreement have been agreed to, both you and the Seller and bound to all of the Agreement’s terms.
  • At this point, your lawyer and Sales Representative have more work to do but you have, for all intent and purposes, purchased the home. You now own your home, subject to meeting any conditions that were agreed to in the offer. Once again, you must rely on your sales representative to assist you in completing the conditions of the offer. Once the conditions are met, you are a homeowner.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! But wait — your sales representative is still not done. While you celebrate your accomplishment, your sales representative will finalize paperwork, forward required documentation to your lawyer and generally oversee the transactions up to and including closing day.Except for the final document signings, which you do with your lawyer and mortgagor, your job is to look forward to and plan your move.

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