Listing Price

How Much To Ask For?

Setting the price of the home is the most important step we will take. Ask too much and the house won’t sell. Ask too little and you will lose money. Here are the steps we will take to accurately price your home.

Review Currently Available Home

This is our competition. If we set our price too far above these, buyers will not come to see your home. If we are to priced to far below these, you will get less than you should for your home.

Review Recently Sold Homes

These homes show what Buyers are currently willing to pay for a home in your neighbourhood.

Review Available Homes that did not Sell

These homes show what Buyers are not willing to pay for a home in your neighbourhood

Adjusting Comparables to Match Your Home

No two homes are exactly alike. We must adjust the comparables to account for features these homes have that yours does not and for features your home has that they do not.

Discuss How Buyers Decide What to Offer

The Buyer and their Agent will do exactly the same thing to determine what they will offer for your home as we do to set the price. This is how they will determine value.

Discuss Current market conditions

While most homes increase in value over time, some do go down at certain times. Local market condition must be addressed when setting the price.

Discuss The length of time the sale will take

Time is a major factor when a Buyer decides how much to offer for your home. Both how long the home has been on the market at the time of the offer and the required closing date will impact the price. This is where over pricing can drastically affect the final sale price. Waiting for “your price” is fine but wait too long and buyers will offer less each time believing the seller is getting desperate or there is something wrong with the home. Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter, if the buyer believes it they will act accordingly.

Real Value vs. Perceived Value

A home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Sometimes the prefect buyer does walk in the door and sees the home the same way you do. This is ideal. However, sometimes there just isn’t a buyer willing to pay the price, ever if it is reasonable. While we hope for the first case, we must plan for the second.